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Our relationship with Convention Strategy Group has saved us time and money in research and negotiation of our meeting contracts.   We recognize and appreciate their expertise in meeting management and negotiation, which results in favorable contracts for us. They are a true partner.

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02/28/2008 Convention Strategy unveils program that allows associations to use its RFID Attendance Tracking solution within their conferences virtually for free

Germantown, MD – February 28, 2008 - Convention Strategy (CS) has launched a new expanded RFID solution for association and corporate trades shows.  After a short pre-screening process, the CS RFID Attendee Tracking solution can now be implemented at meetings and conferences - virtually for free. This is a perfect solution for CEU/CME accreditation tracking.

The new program works in conjunction with the CS exhibit sales support center.  Working with the association, CS will spearhead a sponsorship campaign to the association’s contracted exhibitors for a specific conference.  The overall goal of the campaign is to generate the required amount of revenue to offset the cost of implementing RFID within the conference. Additionally, the CS support team will be aware of the current inventory and will not infringe on any current sponsor revenue.

“We are extremely excited about this newly created program,” said Scott Ripkin, Vice President and COO of Convention Strategy.  “Our trained sales staff will do the work for you. Finding sponsorship dollars sometime can be tough.  By adding this program, an association will not only be increasing their sponsorship inventory, but also receiving the priceless value of having an RFID solution tracking their conference,” Ripkin also added that, “The number one objection to using RFID at a conference was the cost.  This solution eliminates that roadblock.”

Many conferences already track attendees who enter sessions by scanning bar codes or swiping cards, RFID use allows people to enter a room without delay or human interaction. Ripkin said, “conference attendees have started to accept it in much the same way many use RFID to avoid having to stop to pay a toll.”

By encoding a simple unique identifier on the chip, an extensive amount of data analysis and post-show reporting begins. There is no other personal information on the chip. As an attendee enters a conference session, the RFID receiver logs the attendee’s unique data. The RFID system, coupled with what the conference knows about the person wearing the badge, provides valuable data to the show organizer. The data will be used to help with future conference planning, such as optimizing sessions around the interests of the conference attendees.

About Convention Strategy
Convention Strategy (CS) has more than 15 years of experience in marketing and sales and is dedicated to the creation of targeted and industry leading technologies for meetings and events. CS is proud to offer a full line of attendee and exhibitor management solutions at very competitive prices. The CS mission is to establish strong relationships with clients by providing efficient, dependable, and cost-effective access to high-quality meeting technologies and customer service. For additional information, visit or call (301) 656-7521.

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