Know Your Audience

By using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), events are now able to secure the Return On Attendance (ROA) from RFID enabled events.  This powerful technology is an integral component of event measurement and provides phenomenal analysis and reporting.

PinPointRFID:  We know your audience

PinPointRFID solutions help events know more about their attendees — their interactions, desires, and whereabouts. You eliminate wasteful spending, improve the efficiency of the event and most important increase overall customer satisfaction.  Knowing your audience more allows you to better know your event.

This powerful technology is an integral component of event measurement and provides phenomenal analysis and reporting. PinPoint’s innovative RFID attendance reporting suite is non-invasive and utilizes a proprietary software platform which provides highly accurate event attendance reporting.

PinPoint’s RFID solutions provide key operational advantages over attendee barcoding, along with the ability to track and analyze VIP and patron activity more effectively.  With no line-of-sight restrictions or manual data entry requirements, PinPointRFID-enabled wristbands, tickets and credentials automate attendee data tracking and eliminate user error.

Live event attendance data is monitored by intelligent software, which shows the actual movements of attendees entering and exiting RFID enabled areas.

RFID tags can be embedded into attendee credentials

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